Sunday, May 1, 2016

Do Not Overlook This One Last Deadline for GHS / Haz-Com

When OSHA updated their Hazard Communication (aka Haz-Com) standard back in 2012, many employers jumped into action so they could meet the mandatory deadline for training their employees about the new GHS criteria for labeling containers and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). And most employers have been assembling the new SDS’s that are issued by product manufacturers and distributors.  And hopefully everyone has updated their in-house container labeling systems to reflect the requirements in the updated Haz-Com standard. But there is one more deadline that employers have hanging over their heads, and it’s coming up VERY soon.
OSHA has given employers a deadline of June 1, 2016 to . . .

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  1. Good sharing, thanks Curtis!
    - Rocky Cai, Expert, Safety Management at CGN Power

  2. The standard is the biggest pain in the ass. I for one am trying to get it off the books. Tom


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