Friday, August 1, 2014

Common Questions About Personal Protective Equipment

Last month’s post focused on appropriate (and inappropriate) personal protective equipment (PPE) for head protection. That brought up a couple of commonly-asked questions about other types of PPE that I thought I would go ahead and address.

Question # 1 – Are safety glasses required to be worn beneath face shields?

OSHA requirements for eye protection can be found in either 1910.133 for general industry workplaces, 1926.102  for construction sites, or 1915.153 for shipyard employment.  It seems we sometimes forget that each of these sections of the OSHA regulations cover eye AND face protection, or even worse, we forget to differentiate between the two types of safety gear.
Standard safety glasses are designed to protect against injuries associated with regular eye hazards such as flying or falling objects and particles, as well as some chemical and/or radiation hazards. However, in some work operations . . .
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