Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Workers Using Inappropriate PPE? Perhaps Not

Have you ever experienced this? You're in a training class and the instructor brings up a certain topic, then all of the sudden the room becomes electrified! All of the trainees are sitting on the edge of their seats because they have a lot of pent-up questions and/or uncertainties about that topic. And now that the floodgates are opened, they can’t wait to ask their question or voice their concern. It really is something special to experience.
This happened to me recently while conducting an OSHA 10-hour construction class for a group of professionals in the cellular communications industry. The group consisted mostly of project managers, engineers, and construction managers associated with one of the major wireless networks, who as part of their duties would always set aside some time when they visited their cell tower sites to evaluate the safety performance of workers. The topic I had just brought up was head protection, no sooner had I put up my PowerPoint slide showing a hard hat when almost every hand in the room shot up and people started shouting out their questions. This topic had obviously struck a nerve with this particular group.
It seems that some of the sub-contract workers who climb their cell towers were not wearing traditional hard hats. One trainee said he recently saw some of those workers wearing  .  .  .  .  .