Thursday, January 2, 2014

OSHA Annual Refresher Training Requirements

Can you believe that 2014 is here already? It seems like only yesterday we were all worried about a Y2K-triggered meltdown of our computer systems. And while that non-event passed us by many years ago without so much as a fizzle, there is one other issue that does require your full attention each and every year; identifying OSHA standards that require mandatory annual refresher training for employees.
Most everyone who has visited our website knows that we have place links to excerpts of all Federal OSHA references to OSHA training in General Industry and Construction standards; we even referenced indirect phrases such as “the employer shall inform employees” or “competent person” which can imply some level of mandatory training or information. These pages get hundreds of views every day, and are a great resource to help identify your overall OSHA training requirements.
But since we are here at the beginning of a brand new year, I thought it might also be helpful to our readers if I went back through all of those standards and pulled out the ones that specifically require employers to provide their workers with mandatory refresher training and information annually and make a table that lists them in this month’s blog post. 
So here is my list of Federal OSHA standards that specifically mandate annual OSHA refresher training:
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