Monday, June 2, 2014

Leading Workplace Hazard? Government Bureaucracy!

An organization here in the United States became aware many years ago that there was a serious safety hazard injuring and even killing workers; a lot of workers! They estimated there had been more than 950 workers seriously injured every year due to this particular hazard, and it also resulted in six or more fatalities occurring every year. This organization has come up with a solution to prevent the vast majority of these injuries and fatalities, yet they have still not implemented this solution after several years. So the hazard goes unabated while a high number of workers continue to suffer and even die.
You would expect OSHA to step in and force the organization to implement as fast as humanly possible the solution needed to prevent these horrible injuries and fatalities. And it wouldn’t surprise you if OSHA issued one of their “press releases” to try and shame the organization into making the changes needed to stop this carnage. Unfortunately, OSHA is not the solution in this scenario; they (as part of a broken rule-making process) are actually a part of the problem.

The particular hazard I am speaking of . . .

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