Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OSHA TRAINING - My Initial Post to This Blog


My name is Curtis Chambers, and this is my first post to this new blog. My hope is to share information about OSHA training and compliance matters. I am also developing a new website, oshatraining.com, and am seeking input into how to best build this new website to make it useful to you.

A little about myself. I am past owner of a company called OSHA Pros, which is considered to be a leader in the on site and online OSHA training world. I recently sold that business to another safety professional so he can take it to the next level, and because I got tired of the constant travel (I am a member of the 5 million mile club at American Airlines).

After a short sabbatical, I incorporated a new business, OSHA Training Services Inc., to offer my expertise in on site OSHA training and consultation to customers around the United States. But what I am most excited about is that I recently purchased the URL "oshatraining.com" from another company (I killed the original website and the URL is temporarily pointed to my website at oshatrainingservices.com), and am now in the process of slowly and carefully building a website dedicated to OSHA training. 

What will the new website be like? I am not sure, as there are many possibilities for a site like this. The obvious thing to do is to offer OSHA training services (I gotta make a living), but more importantly, I want to provide insight into OSHA training requirements and resources to help customers in need of training, as well as OSHA Outreach trainers and other safety professionals.  Any ideas or comments you may have about the website (pre and post development) are welcome and encouraged.

My next post will discuss who is actually required to provide (or be provided with) training under OSHA regulations.  And please, provide a link to this blog to all your friends and contacts, the more people I can get involved in the early stages, the better this blog will be.


  1. I'm pleased to see this new effort to improve communication in the safety community. I was working a case involving finger amputations a few weeks back and solicited the opinions of several colleagues that help me form my testimony. I hope that many will take advantage of the sharing of opinions on this new blog.

    Bob Andres, CSP, DABFE
    Independent Consultant &
    Director of Government & Public Affairs
    Florida Suncoast Chapter of ASSE


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