Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Immediately Repeal The "Obama Safe" Act

Dear President-elect Trump.

Congratulations on your tremendous victory. I am sure your campaign will go down in history as the very best, most excellent Presidential campaign ever run. Believe it or not, I announced my belief that you would win the Presidency more than six months ago on my blog (see my proclamation here). So take a few days to celebrate your hard-earned victory, and then get busy making America great again.

Once you are sworn in, I encourage you to move forward on promised actions such as making healthcare affordable again by, ironically, repealing and replacing “The Affordable Healthcare Act” (aka Obama Care).  And if you are looking for some low-hanging fruit to effect additional needed change, I have another suggestion for action; immediately repeal the “The Obama Outlaws Pizza Parties Act” (aka Obama Safe).

Because you have been preoccupied for the past few months, you might not be aware that The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which you will soon oversee, recently implemented a new rule that prohibits employer discrimination against workers who report an injury, which is a worthy thing to do. But in typical fashion, OSHA administrators’ went and stuck their noses where they do not belong . . .  
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